Mechanical seal device and application demand

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What you must know about automatic gear

When parking, shift the gear to P, lock the rotating part with mechanical device, lock the output shaft through the parking brake device inside the transmission, and tighten the hand brake to prevent the car from moving. Only when the car is completely stopped can you switch to P gear. In addition, most automatic transmission models can only be ignited in P or N gear, which can prevent the car from suddenly starting due to the wrong gear.


Mechanical seal device and application demand

Summary of mechanical seal device and application demand. The axial momentum of 04mm rotor is 0. The mechanical seal of 1mm device stops and the positioning end face of the seal housing is straight to the shaft. 04mm mechanical seal device is necessary Shaft sleeve seal cavity seal Liquid dynamic pressure bearing Common shaft housing shaft


Selection Method of Mechanical Seals for Pumps

Mechanical seal is one of the precision and complex mechanical basic elements, and it is the key component of various pumps, reaction synthesis kettles, turbine compressors, submersible motors and other Grundfos equipment. Its sealing performance and service life depend on many factors, such as model selection, machine accuracy, correct installation and use, etc. How to select the model?


Several types of mechanical seals

The failure forms of common bellows mechanical seal are mainly as follows, which are caused by bellows mechanical seal and its auxiliary system.


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