What you must know about automatic gear

When parking, shift the gear to P, lock the rotating part with mechanical device, lock the output shaft through the parking brake device inside the transmission, and tighten the hand brake to prevent the car from moving. Only when the car is completely stopped can you switch to P gear. In addition, most automatic transmission models can only be ignited in P or N gear, which can prevent the car from suddenly starting due to the wrong gear.


Mechanical seal device and application demand

Summary of mechanical seal device and application demand. The axial momentum of 04mm rotor is 0. The mechanical seal of 1mm device stops and the positioning end face of the seal housing is straight to the shaft. 04mm mechanical seal device is necessary Shaft sleeve seal cavity seal Liquid dynamic pressure bearing Common shaft housing shaft


Selection Method of Mechanical Seals for Pumps

Mechanical seal is one of the precision and complex mechanical basic elements, and it is the key component of various pumps, reaction synthesis kettles, turbine compressors, submersible motors and other Grundfos equipment. Its sealing performance and service life depend on many factors, such as model selection, machine accuracy, correct installation and use, etc. How to select the model?


Several types of mechanical seals

The failure forms of common bellows mechanical seal are mainly as follows, which are caused by bellows mechanical seal and its auxiliary system.


Six highlights in the field of domestic auto parts in the first half of 2018

Unconsciously, the year 2018 is more than half the time. Many people are wondering where the time has gone? Based on this time node, we look back on the major events and trends in the domestic auto parts field in the past six months, sort out the market operation context and industry development trend, and make a mid year inventory for readers. Prosperity and decline, confusion and helplessness, integration and reconstruction, innovation and destruction... In the first half of this year, honey and tears, wind and thunder, constitute the glory and dream of China's parts industry.


Product reliability is a breakthrough in China's construction machinery parts industry

At present, the domestic engineering machinery accessory products are uneven in terms of technology, quality and technical level. The product technology is mostly at the middle and low end level, and the echelon of entering the high-end core technology level is undoubtedly a huge challenge for most small and medium-sized enterprises in China. Being eager to break out of the encirclement, it is difficult to find exports, so many domestic enterprises are in a dilemma.


Anhui Zhonghe Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Anhui Zhonghe Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formerly Tianchang Spring Factory): the company was established on December 8, 1993, It is a private enterprise specialized in "auto parts+industrial consumer goods". The company is located in Renhe Town Industrial Park, Tianchang City, Anhui Province (No. 555, Tianyang Road, Tianchang City) It is adjacent to Yangzhou in the east and Nanjing in the south. It is only 3km away from Suyang Expressway and 15km away from G205 National Highway. The company has fixed assets of more than 50 million yuan, with an area of 20000 square meters, a production area of 8000 square meters, and an office area of 1000 square meters.


China's machinery industry will gradually recover from this year

The worst days of China's machinery industry may have passed. It is learned from the China Machinery Industry Federation that the decline in the growth rate of the machinery industry has basically bottomed out, and it is unlikely to continue to decline significantly in the future. According to the data, from January to October 2012, the total industrial output value of the machinery industry totaled 14.9 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.91% year on year, the lowest growth rate in nearly 10 years (except 2009), and 13 percentage points lower than the growth rate in 2011. At the same time, other five major economic indicators, such as industrial added value, realized profits, foreign exchange earning through export, product output and fixed asset investment, all showed a downward trend.


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