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The main business scope of the company: automotive parts - stamping parts, springs and metal rod, etc.; Industrial consumer goods - metal sheet metal parts, wire forming parts, etc



Key words:

Auto parts

Industrial consumer goods

Supporting services for the automobile industry

Product introduction

Main production equipment:

Stamping: All kinds of punching machine, hydraulic press about 60 sets (tonnage: 45T-250T)

CNC line forming (automotive rod), CNC spring machine and spring auxiliary equipment

Others: All kinds of welding machines (spot welding, gas welding, etc.), 1 dip plastic production line (PVC, PA66).


Detection experiment system:

Device type Equipment details
Three coordinate measuring machine (2 sets) Hexagon 8106 (PC-DMIS) Melco WH-554M (Rational-DMIS)
Two-element measuring machine (2 sets) Automatic Imager (VM-4030g) Measuring Projector (forward, CPJ-3015AZ)
Hardness Tester (2 sets) Vickers Hardness Tester (200HV-5) Rockwell Hardness Tester (HR150A)
Electroplating testing machine (2 sets) Q-150 salt spray testing machine, TT260 thickness measuring instrument
Spring load measuring machine (4 sets) Japan JISC automatic torsion spring testing machine (PRO-TSE-100N-2) spring torsion testing machine (KND-502), spring torsion testing machine (KND-503),Spring tension testing machine (KLD-203) [Measuring range: 0.5Nmm—5000Nmm]
Spring fatigue testing machine (2 sets) Spring tensile fatigue testing Machine (CPD-203) — Torsion fatigue testing machine for tension spring and compression spring (KND-P203) — Torsion spring


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