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Chuzhou, Anhui

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Skills Required:

Account representation, Sales, regional sales, telephone sales, market development.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for product sales in the region under my jurisdiction, developing and tracking new customers, expanding product sales scope and maintaining old customers.

2. Able to timely collect market information and analyze competitors, and give suggestions.

3. Familiar with product knowledge, coordinated and cooperated with other business personnel to complete total sales business by using technology and experience.

4. Occasionally participate in foreign business activities such as exhibitions.


1. Age :25-40 years old, more than 2 years sales experience, driver's license is preferred.

2. Have industry knowledge and marketing experience, have certain customer resources or channels is preferred.

3. Familiar with computer operation, network application and office software.

4. Strong sense of responsibility and initiative, good coordination, communication skills and teamwork spirit, strong learning and acceptance ability, keen market insight and strong expression ability, good sense of service, able to work under certain pressure.

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Anhui Zhonghe Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD

Company team has strong design and development ability, according to customers to draw or sample, one-stop mold design, mold manufacturing, mold assembly, mass production capacity.

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